S.O.S. Argentine Fishing Resources

S.O.S. Argentine Fishing Resources

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By Roberto V Maturana

The President continues, together with Governor Felipe Solá, Allowing the Corruption that Destroys the National Fishing Future. The proof of anomie, the current state of uncontrolled Argentine Sea, the unpunished depredation of a Natural ecological paradise of birds, mammals and fish.

Mr. President Dr Nestor Kirchner.
Distinguished Authorities and National and International NGOs: I respectfully request your help in defense of National fishery resources.
In my beloved country, the people who should guard sustainability are part of this, the justice system addicted to political power with judges appointed to DEDO guarantee Impunity for politicians who are responsible for the destruction of Argentine fisheries, such as the current Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires Ing Felipe Sola.
National fishing is "administered" by the friends of Mr. President Kirchner and handed over with impunity to "private administrations" without respecting international fishing codes.

The Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Felipe Sola, made it possible in the past decade for the entry of the "Surimeros" ships that were separated from all the seas of the world for being highly predatory, entering them into the country in his management in charge of the Sagpya when "It was" Mendezmista.
While Mendez "sold" the companies of the nation, the other negotiated "mortgaging" the sea the Argentine fishing resources.
Facundo Caparelli The Judge Who "Released" Felipe "Willy" Alone From Case 2751 Although He Is A Dangerous Emotionally Unbalanced, Will Be "The Judge" Of Willy To Make Buenos Aires Justice More Precarious.

Explanation :
The proof of the anomie is the current state of uncontrolled Argentine Sea, its unpunished predation that is carried out in the area of ​​the Isla de los Estados, a natural ecological paradise of birds, mammals and fish.

S.O.S. South Atalantico (Usuhaia)

Tierra del Fuego and the South Atlantic Islands were represented until recently within the Federal Fisheries Council by Mr. Rappoport (A) Jesus Christ- because everyone knew who he was but no one had ever seen him, he lived in Puerto Madryn ... Today Mr. Rappoport represents to Chubut in the same Federal Fishing Council. These "actors" together with Mr. President's friend the sub. Fisheries Secretary Gerardo Nieto are others responsible for the destruction of the fisheries that I denounce, and that thanks to their fishing anomie make Argentina progress faster day by day towards biological collapse.

The Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development does not take notice of anything while the General Environmental Law is trampled on, damaging the heritage resources of future generations, violating Magna Carta Art. 41.

Perhaps when you see this, you do not give the importance that it has regarding the serious realities of the Nation, but this is a VERY SERIOUS REALITY that generates more unemployment and hunger.

If it is taken as a parameter that if this fish were brought ashore to be reworked in Surimi, it would employ thousands of unemployed and would be genuine work, not "MISERIA" plans, this ship employs 86 people, many foreigners who hold Argentine positions and are not "Technicians of nothing" like ace (kitchen assistant AS.-AS of machines-AS of fishing- Plant operators- these positions are not authorized for foreigners- they are not Specifically Professional and our Genuflexas authorities allow that in addition to predating positions are held of unemployed Nationals !!! (Law 24922)

The President, being reliably notified, continues to look the other way, playing with the National Fishing Future to "The Chinese Shadows" it would be very healthy for the Nation to be able to count on the President to avoid this very serious damage to the National fishing heritage before it is too late. .

While in our Argentina children die of hunger and armies of cartoneros and the needy eat from the garbage, daily we destroy thousands of tons of Juvenile fish, accelerating the collapse of the fisheries and betting on multiplying hunger in the Nation.

As an Argentinian, Dr. Kirchner must prohibit the fishing of species for all kinds of "reduction" as established by the Federal Fisheries Law, if these vessels no longer operate in the world, they must not do so either.

Ms. Margarita Kirchner from her area should do something to avoid this damage, that this fish is produced on land, generating thousands of jobs, thus ending aid plans by supporting the generation of reliable jobs, restoring dignity to unemployed compatriots.

The images:

What you are going to see here are images taken from a vessel that makes "Surimi" fish paste, these vessels for years have been banned in the world due to the depredation and destruction of resources and seabed they do.
This vessel is the Centurión Del Atlántico of an American company of the largest in the world American Seafood.
Its base port is Ushuaia and the photos are courtesy of an Inspector who does not accept bribes and who made a number of violations in 40 days, Abel E Arce, who was on board and trying to oppose the environmental damage that they observed here.

They should also know that the ship sailed safely and with impunity for another campaign of predation. The acts drawn up, the Trampled Laws, the ecological damage or the resources of the Homeland are not of interest to our National Fisheries officials.
It should be taken into account that this ship to produce 2000 tons approx. de Surimi "should catch approximately 9000 tons !!!

The Argentines who make this possible are Captain Solerno Alberto and his 1st officer Ramallo Carlos.
Being the Argentine command that "lends title to prey on us" the Norwegians fish, they send them on the ship regarding captures and exploitation of the ship. The Captain and the First Officer are "clerks without interference in the exploitation" and guilty by omission of this GENOCIDE OF SPECIES !!!

I neither forgive nor forget
I do not give up
Long live the homeland Mr. President !!!

Don't forget Cacho Espinosa killed with impunity by the fishing mafia.

* Merchant Marine-Investigator-
HCN Advisor
[email protected]

Letter from Roberto V Maturana, Merchant Marine-Researcher-Advisor to the HCN
Mr. President Dr Nestor Kirchner - Mrs. Margarita Kirchner - Gentlemen of the F.A.O. - Gentlemen of Green Peace - Gentlemen of Fundación Vida Silvestre.
Gentlemen, the Patagonia Natural Foundation - Legislators - Judges - World Bank, Mr. Ambassador of the United States.
Mr. Ambassador of Norway - Mr. Community Fisheries Commissioner.
International Fisheries Authorities - National And Foreign Environmental NGOs

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