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Clean Up the World Campaign

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Clean Up the World is a campaign that has allowed organizations of different types and citizens in general, as well as national, regional and local governments, to find a common point to work for a more balanced world through a creative campaign in which the only thing that is discriminated against is the type of garbage they collect.

Clean Up the World is a campaign that has allowed organizations of different types and citizens in general, as well as national, regional and local governments, to find a common point to work for a more balanced world through a creative campaign in which the only thing that is discriminated against is the type of garbage they collect.

Although the message of the campaign points to a cleaning objective, all the individual and collective capacities that work to achieve it go through a process that allows each one to recognize themselves in a situation quite different from the everyday one. This process makes evident in the individual both his wealth to share and his shortcomings to receive.

The campaign allows organizations, be they environmental NGOs, schools or neighborhood clubs, and many more of a different type, a great opportunity for growth and strengthening.

The organizations that are part of the campaign have much more to say after their experiences with Clean Up the World. Their organizational processes, the execution itself, and then the moment of evaluation are clearly valuable experiences for the groups.

By establishing the same sense of responsibility towards the campaign, the organizations have been able to extrapolate the experience to other organizational initiatives in which citizen participation is important. The results are equally satisfying.

An environmental awareness that is strengthened

Raising awareness of the environmental from the individual is one of the challenges of the campaign. The participants, organizers and / or executors try that the objective of the campaign not only means a contribution to the environment, but also a contribution to themselves and that simultaneous feeling of individual enrichment and work by nature makes the experience more valuable.

The experiences of the campaign have generated in people a better vision of what their responsibilities to the environment mean, the burden that waste means for nature, the work of their mayors to rid their communities of garbage every day and everything which in the field of environmental and administrative management involves solid waste management.

Personal experiences range from a deep reflection on the daily habits of each person at home, in their school, at work and even on the street, to the possibility of contributing proposals to their community to improve waste management.

To clean the world tries from its tenth anniversary to extend the interest of citizens to use any day of the year for their cleaning or community work. I think it is a great idea that does not affect in any way the ideal of a clean world.

Why clean the world all year round?

The organizers surely have their reasons for doing so and from my personal experience I consider the initiative valid because:

  • It will send a broader and more varied participation, because there will be more people and institutions that can participate and that for multiple reasons the month of September is not favorable for them.
  • When the organization of the campaign begins, there are many options to work with and yet they must be limited for reasons of time and resources. With the new option, organizations will be able to better organize their activity agendas and provide everyone with the opportunity to act.
  • In many countries, due to climatic reasons, school periods are divided by geographical areas, that is, only a sector of the student population could carry out the campaign. Now each region can organize its Clean Up the World activities taking advantage of the climatic advantages of its region.
  • Participating organizations will be able to better distribute their fundraising or sponsoring tasks throughout the year.
  • Requests for support to private companies can be better organized according to the agendas and seasons in which they can participate.

Extend the Campaign to more places

Undoubtedly, the success of Clean Up the World lies in the seriousness with which each organization or person takes the challenge and wins the challenge.

Organizations have been able to communicate well their intended objectives and also their results, which is very clear is that it is not a competition that seeks to reward those who collect the most and punish those who do the least. Clean Up the World is a community service option.

It is the moment I believe that the organizations that have managed to expand their experience in the campaign extend their organizational objectives to seek new organizations that participate in it. On the one hand, it is a way of giving the opportunity to other organizers to show their creativity and interest for the good of their community and also to allow the Campaign to continue being what indicated at the beginning the best pretext to increase the conscience of the group and its participants. .

We are all promoters of the Campaign.

Directly or indirectly, each participant is a potential promoter of the campaign, on their street, in their neighborhood, at school, at work.

That is why it is important for organizations to be able to transmit the Clean Up the World message to other organizations that do not know about it, or that, knowing it, do not feel in the capacity to organize it. There is another challenge: Train and support other organizations to be part of the change in their communities.

It would be important for each organization to set a goal to ensure that two or three new organizations are part of the campaign each year and that, as is already the case in some countries, there is an informal space for the exchange of experiences among the participants.

Communicators are not just media, they are part of The Campaign

The Clean Up the World campaign from its headquarters in Australia has constantly insisted that participants maintain contact with the media. The message has been well received and each organization has for its campaigns a person in charge of working with the press, providing them with the correct information and data.

This has allowed communicators in charge of the campaign to know what the campaign consists of and give their contribution to the promotion of the preparations as well as to the information of the results.

The action of the communicators allows the points of view of the authorities to become manifest around the objectives of the campaign and that agreements are made possible that benefit the community.

Communicators have become part of the campaign and many have recognized that this experience provides them a great opportunity to be in contact with people and to be able to publicize their feelings and wishes regarding their community problems, as well as allow them the opportunity to mediate with the authorities and private companies.

* Ecuadorian ecologist, currently resides in Switzerland.
He has coordinated the campaign in Ecuador from 1994 to 2000 and, in 2001 and 2002, with the collaboration of GEN (Geneve Environment Network), he carried out, in the UNEP library in Geneva, an exhibition of photographs and texts on the work of Clean Up the World in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Contact: [email protected]
Website dedicated to the Clean Up the World campaign in Latin America and the Caribbean - ALMALYC,

Video: ESG u0026 the Clean Up the World Campaign (June 2022).


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