Guide to achieve an Eco-Friendly office

Guide to achieve an Eco-Friendly office

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Most people spend almost a third of their lives in the office. Work-based activities can have a huge impact on the environment and sometimes we are completely oblivious to it.

In addition to turning off backup devices at the socket, here are twelve comprehensive tips for an eco-friendly office:

Less paper

“Paperless” may not be possible with all the regulatory requirements still present in most industries, but offices certainly have the potential to use less paper during the daily routine. It's about raising awareness.

Some departments will use more paper than others, but where there is greater awareness of the problem, innovative solutions will follow.

Discuss these ideas within each department:

  • Does everyone need a copy of the agenda or could it be projected or accessed digitally?
  • Could you dedicate a printer to recycled paper and make it a default for the office?
  • Can everyone print double-sided documents and are the printers set up by default?
  • Do all staff members know how to work the projectors?
  • Could the office have an electronic filing system?
  • Can the office use electronic planners, task reminders, online phone listings, and online catalogs as a general rule?
  • Create an office policy on sharing online and decide what documents should be printed?

Make a game and reward the department that has improved the most with cash back, long lunch breaks, or a quirky certificate.

Done in a positive spirit, it can even become a great team building exercise throughout the year.

More competition

A “green” team at work could help focus efforts, gain management, encourage participation, and implement practical changes.

Encourage others to go green by using green pens and pencils, recycled office notebooks, virtual post-its, and shared office space (collocation). Make it fun.

  • Distribute fact sheets, offer incentives, and organize promotional events.
  • Schedule orientation sessions from the beginning.
  • Meet regularly to evaluate the success of your program.
  • Keep all staff informed of the results of your efforts.

Less water

Water waste is high in offices. Employees are generally not responsible for the water bill, leading to inefficient practices and little concern for daily water volume.

Try these tips to save water:

  • Fill the kettle with your cup, to find the exact number of cups you will drink.
  • Install timers on faucets and urinals, and double flush toilets that save 6 liters per use.

More compost

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