Students make sustainable tents and shelters for the homeless

Students make sustainable tents and shelters for the homeless

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A team of twenty Textile and Clothing Design students from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) manufactured warm clothing, sleeping bags and tents with reusable materials, using low-cost methods so that the different NGOs that help the homeless people living on the streets can get through the winter in a better way.

“The project seeks to put students in contact with real users who have specific problems so that they can generate solutions that improve their daily lives. Although the problem is much bigger, these pieces provide relief for a large part of the day, especially in times of cold or rain ”, explained Laura Ludueña, professor in charge of the Chair of Textile and Clothing Design at the Universidad Argentina de la Company (UADE)

"Together with the Lumen Cor Foundation, which assists people living on the streets, the students were in contact with the users and the designs arose from what they could learn about the problems these people face throughout the day," explained Ludueña . In this way, the student team designed and manufactured sleeping bags, coats and tents with material that the textile industry discards.

To close the project with a direct action, the students and members of Fundación Lumen Cor donated 53 tents to the Parroquia San Nicolás de Bari in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, where dozens of people spend the night on the street.

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