A greenhouse that manages to grow plants in the desert

A greenhouse that manages to grow plants in the desert

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By Raúl Mannise

This new design can help farmers in areas where the lack of comfortable plant temperatures and rainfall make it almost impossible to cultivate the land.

The greenhouse traps hot air and moisture during the day, creating a better environment for plant growth, and then at night, the top of the greenhouse is opened to allow fresh air to enter, and capture spray and condensation. The water droplets are channeled into a collection cistern and are used for irrigation and can even be used for drinking. In rainy times, the design can also be used as a rainwater collector.

The NGO seeks to launch the project in different areas of Ethiopia, where droughts are common and agriculture is difficult.

The idea is simple, grow food and produce clean water where you need it most; You can support and find out about this project at:

Seen in Ecocosas

Video: Garden View! A look at how a desert garden can do! (July 2022).


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