Useful medicinal plants in the organic garden. 10 plants that heal

Useful medicinal plants in the organic garden. 10 plants that heal

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The lower use of medicinal plants is due, among other things, to how comfortable it can seem to take a pill or apply a prepared medicine. Also because of the accessibility to the plants, which in cities is more difficult. Anyway we can always find them in herbalists and other specialized stores, or even grow these medicinal plants in the garden, as we will see today!

Benefits of medicinal plants in the garden

Many times, natural remedies with medicinal plants are more than enough to cure ailments and do not have adverse effects or against indications, as can occur with medications.

In addition to healing people, there are medicinal plants that are also useful to "heal the garden."

There are many medicinal plants of this type that we can grow in the garden: garlic, onion, basil… Their aromas scare away harmful insects that can become pests, and some are also used to prepare natural remedies to treat pests and diseases. In addition, with these plants we can prepare beneficial remedies for our health or to cure ailments and they are also used for cooking. ARE ALL ADVANTAGES !!

Other of these medicinal and aromatic plants attract beneficial insects, such as pollinators (bees are among the most important), or natural enemies that feed on pests and help us fight against them.

Ways to prepare remedies with medicinal plants


Boiling water is added to a container where the cut herbs are. Cover it and let it sit for a while to extract the beneficial substances into the water. Once it has cooled, strain it with a cloth or a strainer. The infusion can be sweetened with honey or sugar.


The plant is thrown into cold water or another liquid. It is heated in a pot until it cooks, and it is kept boiling for the indicated time. It is then strained through a cloth, pressing with the fingers to squeeze the herbs or leaves.


To extract all the medicinal principles of the plants by this method, cold water with alcohol, vinegar or wine is poured over the chopped or crushed plants. It is allowed to marinate for hours, days or even weeks (depending on the remedy). After the maceration, it is filtered or strained, draining the residues well so that they release all the beneficial compounds.


It is prepared with water and sugar in the indicated proportions, heating the mixture of plants, water and sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved (but without boiling). As in the rest of the cases, it is filtered at the end through a clean cloth to obtain a smooth syrup without traces of leaves or herbs.

10 healing plants that are also useful in the garden

As I told you at the beginning of the post, there are plants that have double benefits: making preparations to heal us (creams or preparations to apply in strokes, purifying infusions ...) and also having an important role in the garden (useful for cooking and to improve the health of the rest of our crops).

I have made a compilation with some of these useful plants in the organic garden that will help us to have a more natural life and garden:

  1. HOLLY
  3. BASIL
  10. CARROT
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