A cargo container with what is necessary to set up a solar farm to feed 150 people

A cargo container with what is necessary to set up a solar farm to feed 150 people

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The designers are Brandi DeCarli and Scott Thompson, they got the idea after working in a youth center in Kenya, where cargo containers were used to fill the lack of infrastructure. A garden that can operate autonomously off-grid is capable of generating its own energy.

A complete kit that provides you with everything you need to set up your garden on one hectare of land, all in a cargo container. Designed for all types of organizations, as an aid to start the sustainable cultivation of food. Non-profit humanitarian organizations, schools, community groups, and even people who want to have their own garden, can buy a kit for $ 50,000. Specially designed for areas without basic infrastructure.

The kit comes with a complete water system including a solar pump and drip irrigation system. More efficient irrigation system, supplying water directly to the roots of the plants.

The kit includes solar panels to generate 3 kW of electricity, enough to run the water pump as well as WiFi connectivity, which allows remote control of the farm.

The kit also includes training in sustainable agriculture, technology and maintenance, as well as agricultural economics.

They are currently testing their prototype solar farm in Sonoma County, California. A project of the Colegio de Santa Rosa, where the farm is part of a larger outdoor laboratory in which students will learn to grow their food in drought conditions.

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