Elon Musk debuts solar roof and shares his vision for the future

Elon Musk debuts solar roof and shares his vision for the future

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"This is in a way the integrated future. The electric car, [the Powerwall battery] and the solar roof. The key is that all this needs to be beautiful, affordable and constantly integrated," said the businessman during the presentation of his products. in Los Angeles.

According to Musk, the new roofing family is designed to blend in with an ordinary home. He added that the red tiles will be more durable compared to other roofs and should appeal to people who "oppose the giant utilitarian slates" above their houses.

The businessman did not present details on possible prices, but said that in terms of installation cost, durability and energy savings, the Tesla-SolarCity roof will be better than conventional non-solar roofs.

Musk clarified that his vision for the future has always been much bigger than automobiles, and his "master plan" is to turn his company into a "vertically integrated company that offers clean energy products to its customers."

The presentation of Powerwall and the new roof took place on October 28, just weeks before the possible partnership between SolarCity and Tesla Motors. Musk hopes to merge his company that makes electronic cars and the solar energy installation company


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