This chimpanzee was taught to smoke just to entertain tourists

This chimpanzee was taught to smoke just to entertain tourists

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It is the sad reality that thousands of specimens live around the world, those that were uprooted from their natural habitats to end up spending their days in cubicles or cages in confined spaces.

The mistreatment of humans seems to have no limit. This week the story of Azalea, a chimpanzee that lives locked in the Central Zoo of Pyongyang, in North Korea, was revealed.

Keepers taught this 19-year-old female to smoke for the sole purpose of entertaining visitors arriving at the compound.

Thats not all. The worst thing is that Azalea got addicted to this habit and smokes a pack every day. In fact, he cannot leave them and asks tourists for cigarettes and lighters to continue his addiction (because in addition to smoking, this animal was taught to light a cigarette).

This cruel act has not gone unnoticed by different animal organizations, who have repudiated the fact.

"Little by little, zoos are learning that shows like chimpanzee tea parties, elephant rides and photo shoots with tiger cubs are inappropriate and exploitative, now the big question is: why do we still keep bringing the animals savages behind bars? "says a statement from Peta.

For their part, and in a futile attempt to reassure public opinion, authorities in charge of the zoo have defended Azalea's addiction, pointing out that she "does not swallow the smoke." We can stay calm then ...

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