What quality of water are you drinking? How to know

What quality of water are you drinking? How to know

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By Marion Kuprat

I also asked myself these same questions a few years ago and realized that it is not easy at all to find out what are the factors that determine the quality of good water. We can no longer trust the quality of water, whether it be from natural sources or from the kitchen tap, or even from the water we buy from the supermarket. And that water, so to speak, is the basis of everything. The quality of water affects absolutely everything we eat. Furthermore, the true quality of the water is not determined on a single level. If one of the quality criteria fails, in addition to the fact that the water is not optimal, everything with which it comes into contact is no longer capable of reaching its full potential. This motivated me to seek true water quality, report my findings, and make water quality my professional mission.

When talking about good water today, three main quality criteria are taken into account:

1. Filtering all the water that enters the house has become a necessity.

This is the first step to getting better water, but it is not the most important step.

2. The internal structure and energy is what really determines the life force of the water.

3. To date, the most widespread measure to obtain better water is the microfiltration of drinking water in the kitchen.

4. Hydrogenated water (Hydrogenated water - the secret power of water).

Filtration allows the removal of physical components from the water. The type of filtration always depends on what pollutes the water and in what quantity. But the true quality of the water is determined by the degree of vitality it possesses. How does water obtain this vital force? This is the main theme of my reflection today.

Although it is possible to clean water through filtration, that does not make it the elixir of life that we find in nature. A fresh and vitalized water is characterized by ordered structures that, by suitable methods, can be activated to an infinite number of different molecular compounds. This means that, without adequate water vitalization, no matter how good the filtration may be, our water will be clean but it will still be far from being full of energy. The Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger already demonstrated in the 30s of the last century that the vital force is renewable based on techniques designed by himself and that imitate nature. This is precisely what makes water unique! No other liquid has this particularity.

How is vitalized water generated?

Generally, the innumerable variations of groups of molecules, called water clusters, are stored in the water in the form of information. But how are these water clusters formed? Each form of matter establishes a vibratory field in water that corresponds exactly to the particle of matter. This would be something like that, by indication of the matter particles, the water is restructured around them so that its vibration corresponds to that of the particles. If we now filter the particles from the water, the vibration that has formed persists, since it has been created as a solid structure of different porosity in the same water.

If I go further and provide the polluted water with positive information in the form of images, words or music, although the water will adopt these vibrations, the solid structure that was formed previously due to the particle is not so easily impressed and will put a brake to the new information, however positive it may be. This new vibration falls like a soft pillow and is literally "swallowed" by the porous but more solid structure because it does not have the same vibration. Those vibrations that have formed solid structures in water can only be dissolved by swirling processes. This is exactly how nature works. Multiple inward-facing swirls dissolve the clusters that have formed. How this works will become apparent from the explanation below.

Obviously, if particles still remain in the water at some point after vitalization, the disordered structure will slowly re-form. Even so, if I revitalize a contaminated water by means of swirling, the negative effect is significantly reduced and in a sustained way due to the reorganization of the vibrations of the matter thanks to the dominant force: the swirling. So the remedy is not seepage, but inward-facing swirl. Expressed in a more extreme way, it could be said: if I take wastewater and apply the implosive swirl, I will still have wastewater but it will no longer be as aggressive as before. Some companies in the Swiss paper industry treat their wastewater in this way in order to save the costs of recycling wastewater.

How does the swirling technique work?

In nature, water and air are freed from pollutants, toxic gases and information structures through swirling processes. Each natural course of a river winds through the landscape forming an infinite number of small and large eddies of water. These eddies act as powerful resonance structures that impart energy and electrical charge to the water and charged colloidal particles. In theory, at the center of a strong eddy the speed is infinite, and therefore the forces generated within an implosive eddy can also approach infinity.

Viktor Schauberger already commented more than 80 years ago to the developers of modern techniques: “You are moving in the wrong direction, it is not the explosion that increases the force, but the implosion”. Anyone who is dedicated to the techniques of water swirling, at some point comes across the name of Viktor Schauberger. As a forest guard, he observed nature and demonstrated the power of implosion through multiple buildings of his own that continue to function today. Therefore, it is the inward-facing eddies that increase the energy of the water. Thus, for example, a swirled and vitalized water maintains its micro-nanocirculation for weeks and even months. The higher order is a cosmic principle that is nested on multiple levels in the form of sound, units of measurement, geometric shapes, colors and frequencies, and that somehow always fits with mathematical precision.

Logically, the experience with the swirling technique continues to advance. When swirl chambers are manufactured today, they must be constructed in such a way that the water can re-find the resonance of nature, either thanks to the number of swirl chambers, the speed or the length of the path. The key is for the water to recognize the order of nature and find its way back to that order in fractals. On the other hand, if I have water structures that are larger than a single cell structure, they will not be able to hydrate the body and, therefore, the body reacts with stress.

The water clusters cannot withstand the difference in pressure that is generated with the implosive eddy generated by the GIE activator and others, the complex molecular compounds break down into smaller ones that begin to release powerful forces. In each of the chambers of a whirlpool of this type, for example, a point O is created and as it passes through this point O the water comes into contact with the universal fundamental undulation and with infinity. Thanks to the geometry of the chamber, the water creates this point O by itself. This causes the sensation that more water is coming out of the chambers than has entered them. The pressure of the tap water becomes suction. For no apparent reason the water cools slightly which, in fact, may be evidence of the higher order of water.

Today, the water in the pipes is permanently subjected to around 4 to 6 bar of pressure. This pressure creates more problems for the water than some types of pollution. When we open the tap, the water will travel, for example, 3 meters forward. This means that the water no longer has internal movement, but simply moves thanks to the pressure exerted on it. In other words, there is no normal water circulation in the water pipes. Excess pressure and short travel distances in the water pipe destroy the natural microcirculation of living water. Viktor Schauberger recommended ribbed tubes for domestic water pipes. They resemble antelope horns. If the water is enhanced over and over again by means of suitable eddies, the crystalline-looking structures become finer and clearer until, at some point, they appear to be pure light.

Additional filtering through pure activated carbon is important, since the components of water do not change their material substance as quickly. However, in theory, filtration is only possible through swirling processes. This was demonstrated a few years ago by an engineer in Mexico who visibly swirled heavily contaminated water through multi-meter-high acrylic columns. Thanks to the inwardly oriented swirling processes, dirt particles are concentrated in a collecting tray from which they can be derived. Naturally, this is a very different extension of the technique, but that this is possible is shown by some water supply stations in Austria that clean their wastewater only by mechanical processes. Swirling can significantly modify structures, destabilize contamination and harmonize vibrations in the long term.

Not even the best filtration method is able to influence excessively large water clusters. The human body needs to break down these excessively large clusters of water that has only been filtered by consuming energy so that they can pass through our cells and, therefore, are able to hydrate our body. The swirling water hydrates all our organs much better. Due to its small structure and also due to the natural microcirculation of water, the metabolism works faster and better. Our blood is not simply pushed forward, but flows in a swirling form through the veins of our body.

Due to the overvaluation of modern techniques we no longer realize how many methods are actually holding us back. Therefore, if we are only technically oriented we are no longer able to feel the sensations of nature as a guide. We often stray too far from the reality of nature. And that there are already extraordinary findings by science: The swirling water clusters have superior structures that do not correspond to just any shape but to the five “Platonic solids”: Tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron! This was discovered by a group of physicochemical scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. With the discovery of Platonic bodies in water structures, the circle of the latest scientific research with the millenary knowledge of ancient cultures closes. And within the water clusters, subordinate aquaporins seem to circulate constantly rotating, capable of traversing even the smallest clusters, and in resonance with cosmic energies.

Water is the element in our diet that necessarily has to be healthy. If it is not, then the same water in this case becomes a food that destroys our health and cannot be stopped with anything. It is the typical food that, if it does not favor our health, it harms it.

Marion kuprat