Are meteors "stealing" electrons from Earth's atmosphere?

Are meteors

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Meteors, known to generate shooting stars, offering us a spectacle in the night sky, can be one of the causes of the alteration of the Earth's ionosphere. Scientists who presented their study at an annual summit of the American Geophysical Union (AGU, for its acronym in English) have reached this conclusion in San Francisco, USA, reports the daily "Daily Mail."

The doubt about the causes of a sudden alteration of the ionosphere of our planet due to the fall in the amount of electrons in the air could now be resolved. Scientists say they have found evidence that the dust left by falling meteors "steals" electrons from atoms in Earth's atmosphere. Also, when cosmic dust evaporates, it absorbs free electrons in the ionosphere, producing a sharp drop in the number of charged particles at a height of approximately 84 kilometers.

Earle Williams of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his colleagues who conducted the study estimate that about 100 tons of meteor dust pass through Earth's atmosphere every day. However, the brightness generated by these meteors is too dim to be seen with the naked eye.

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