How to make a racing car out of a plastic barrel

How to make a racing car out of a plastic barrel

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And the DIY community offers us many really amazing projects to make homemade cars in an easy and inexpensive way. Plastic barrels are great for such a function! To be more precise, there is a long list of materials that are required to build the complete car, including four 14? Bicycle wheels, three 1 meter long pieces of wood, screws, small bolts, more wood, more bolts with set of nuts, rods, steel bar, etc…, in the instructions everything you will need is detailed. Assemble the puzzle, take the drill, the tape measure and follow the instructions in this fantastic tutorial that appears here to make your own homemade toy car.

The next step would be to incorporate a small motor and have a spectacular electric toy car.

It has other models, really spectacular.


Video: Building a Bigger Barrel Train Ep 1 (June 2022).


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