Properties and benefits of Nopal

Properties and benefits of Nopal

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The nopal is a plant that does not require much water for it to be cultivated, and that is ecologically important because it transforms unproductive lands into productive ones.

This plant is also known by the name of Cactus Opuntia and thanks to its medicinal properties and its multiple nutrients, it is of great benefit to lose weight. There are thousands of species within this genus, within which we can mention the one known as Tunas, which contains fruits that are edible. Properties of Nopal to lose weight: Thanks to the fibers contained in the nopal, they take away our hunger, making us feel satisfied. In addition to regulating the concentration of glucose that allows us to reduce the rush to consume foods that contain sugar.


Due to the amount of fiber that nopal contains, hunger is reduced by contributing to better digestion. You can add to your diet to lose weight the preparation of a nopal juice with orange or any other fruit.


The nopal increases insulin levels that manage to strengthen the level of sugar in the blood. In addition to being very effective as a treatment for the prevention of diabetes. It is already proven that if you consume the cactus before each meal for about ten days, you will have a great decrease in body weight, reducing the concentration of glucose in the blood.


In several investigations it has already been shown that the nopal helps eliminate high cholesterol, in addition to making it accumulate in the veins and arteries. In the same way, it will make the amino acids and fibers that the cactus contains can prevent excess sugar in the blood that makes it transform into fat.


In the case of infections or wounds on the skin, we can use the cactus as a poultice, managing to heal the wounds quickly.


The nopal for its high medicinal content helps to eliminate toxins from our body and more when they are caused by alcohol consumption or cigarette smoke. Another great benefit that is added is that it manages to clean the colon.

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