Being a vegetarian by nature

Being a vegetarian by nature

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Taken from Claudio Maria Dominguez ...

Vegetarianism is much more than not eating meat. It is a way of life, choosing healthy, healthy, fresh, vital food that helps our body and takes care of our health.

And the most important thing: that it does not harm our brothers the animals, who are living beings like us, neither more nor less than a stone, a tree or a star! Being a vegetarian is a pro-life choice.

Human beings are not carnivores by nature, the composure of our body indicates that we are not physically prepared to eat meat (see box).

But then why do most people eat meat? Why does no one think of the animal suffering and dying when it is killed?

We all follow the mandates of society without analyzing whether it is good for us, or not. And without knowing it, we promote the big business of livestock that continues to kill and kill indiscriminately. It is also amazing to know that cattle in rich countries literally eat the grains that could feed poor countries. That is one of the great imbalances on the planet.

Another important aspect is to be aware that the meat that is consumed has been part of the body of a living being, which was raised and sacrificed to produce that food.

Most people who eat meat would stop doing so if they had to kill the animal they eat themselves, or if they simply dared to visit a slaughterhouse.

Many of the very Nobel laureates have become self-confessed diffusers and practitioners of a diet that does not include corpses, due to the harmful slowness of the digestive process in which we lose the greatest metabolic energy of the day, in addition to the large amount of toxins released by the decaying meat within our body; and added to that, the accumulation of animal fats as the main cause of disease and mortality, even in a previously unrecognized issue, and now very popular, such as the generation of various cancers.

From the spiritual point of view, it is explained that the animal captures the moment in which it is being killed, and who kills it, receives an energetic disturbance that generates violence, aggressiveness, and a very hard residual karma. And whoever consumes it, even if he has not killed it, captures to a lesser degree, but inevitably, the negative effects of the act of killing the animal.

The industry around the slaughterhouse is a horror, verging on that of a concentration camp in which millions of human beings have lost their lives. We are doing the same to the animal and do we believe that we can come out unscathed from cruelties that seem to be socially accepted?

The planet is crying out for a change, for compassion, for common sense, for mercy, for respect for creation. Everything is turning against man. What do we do to brothers of apparently inferior evolution, but with more lessons of instinctual nobility than humans themselves?

It is interesting to remember that the great spiritual beings of known history were vegetarians: Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba, Rama, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Saint Germain, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Amma and so many wise men and geniuses who marked their time, and that we will also mention in the next installments.

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