The incredible birth of a bee, summarized in just one minute

The incredible birth of a bee, summarized in just one minute

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This video, which summarizes the 21-day process, is part of a campaign to preserve these insects necessary for human survival.

National Geographic commissioned the photographer Anand Varma a series of photographs that could frame the message that in order to save bees it is necessary to study, observe and understand them. However, Varma went further and with the help of experts from the University of California at Davis. He did a time-lapse showing the evolution of these pollinators from tiny eggs to worker bees. The video is part of Varma's TED talk entitled 'A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee's life' which covers the filming process in order to study why bee colonies have become so vulnerable to the point of what about 60 percent of the world beekeeping population has declined since April 2014This as a consequence of pesticides and chemicals produced by large multinationals like Monsanto.

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