How You Can Make a Greenhouse with Plastic Bottles

How You Can Make a Greenhouse with Plastic Bottles

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This option is relatively cheap and simple. Cheap because we will only need the wooden structure to create the greenhouse, because we can get plastic bottles from the ones we use at home, and as they will not be enough we can ask the neighbors and a nearby restaurant to keep them for us.

With this greenhouse, we manage to raise the interior temperature around 10 degrees, enough so that we do not have problems so that our plants do not suffer.

To make this greenhouse of plastic bottles we need 1500 two-liter bottles, which we have to wash, remove the labels (so that the light can pass through them) Then we cut the bottom and remove the caps.

Cut with sharp scissors and carefully to prevent continued use of the scissors to blister you.
Fix 4 posts vertically on the ground.

They should be 4 "x 4 and need to be cemented a couple of feet into the ground.

These are for the corners of the greenhouse. Lay tiles on the floor around and inside to prevent weeds from growing.

A frame must be made for each side, roof, door, etc.

These are best made from 2 "x 2" lumber squares with the corners screwed together.
Now you have to place the stacks of bottles.

All have the bottom cut off, so that the bottles fit inside each other, except for the first and last bottle in each row. To join the bottles we will use bamboo poles or some type of cable or steel wire can also be used. If we use reeds, we have to be careful to choose ones that are not too thick, they have to go through the mouths of the bottles.

Use metal staples to attach both ends of the reed to the wooden frame.

The frame will keep the bottles up.

Staple as many rows as possible until you fill the frame.

Screw the frames together to make the walls.

The roof can be flat or sloping. If you are going to make a sloping roof, it is best to make two triangular frames on both fronts.

Staple the Bottles to these frames as you have done before.

Screw the part of the triangular fronts to the posts and include a top beam and vertical supports. The sloping sides of the roof can be made of panels similar to the walls.

These can be bolted to the top beam, the roof ends, and the top of the side panels.
The door can be made of a smaller frame hinged to the larger frame that makes up the front wall. Make the door smaller than the inside of the frame to allow it to open freely.

… Now you can, start the growth of your flowers, vegetables, etc.

  • 4 "x 4" wood posts : 4 x 8 feet long (These corner posts will be sunk 2 feet into the ground)
  • 2 "x 2" lumber :

Side Frames - 4 of 8 feet - 4 of 6 feet

Back Frames- 4 of 6 feet

Front Frame - 4 of 6 feet

Front Wall and Door - 6 of 6 feet

Sides of Roof- 4 x 8ft - 4 x 5ft *

8 ft. Top Beam -1

Roof Top Angle -4 of 5 feet * -2 of 6 feet

4ft Roof Top Angle Support-2 *

* To cut, keep in mind that the length depends on the slope and therefore the height of the ceiling.

  • Approximately 140 6 foot rods to hold the bottles.
  • 2 Door hinges
  • Screws 40 approximately 4 "for fixing the wood to the posts
  • 100 of 3 "approximately to make the frames
  • 300 fence staples approximately
  • 4 bags of instant concrete or cement
  • Gravel, slabs, compost
  • Bubble level
  • Drill
  • Miter
  • Screwdriver
  • Sharp scissors (as many as needed)
  • Soapy water bucket (to clean the bottles)
  • Shovel
  • Winch to measure
  • Ladders


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