N5 new superfoods

N5 new superfoods

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Chia seeds are an example of these new superfoods that, in addition to being nutritious, fight cancer and prevent aging. tells you what other foods improve your health.

1. Chia seeds: They contain calcium that helps build bone tissue and omega 3 that takes care of heart health. It is also a source of iron, a mineral that most women do not consume in sufficient quantity.

2. Broccoli germ: Broccoli plants are high in sulforaphane content, which is a powerful anticancer agent.

3. Kelp seaweed: Helps prevent breast cancer. Contains generous amounts of vitamin K and calcium. Its natural fiber prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

4. Black garlic: It contains antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cancer. Due to its fermentation process it has a delicious caramel flavor.

5. Barley: It is rich in niacin and lignans, substances that help prevent cancer. In addition, its soluble fiber improves digestion and prevents constipation.

These super foods also give you energy and vitality. Include them in your diet! Prepare delicious dishes with an exotic and different flavor.

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