Tumors in the ear linked to cell phone use

Tumors in the ear linked to cell phone use

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By Ángeles Cruz Martínez

To confirm this theory, a multicenter study is being carried out in Europe, explained Miguel Ángel Celis, medical director of the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery Manuel Velasco Suárez.

He explained that the motivation of scientists is the increase that has been reported in this neoplasm, although it may also be caused by the greater availability of diagnostic equipment capable of identifying the alteration.

Necessary, prolong research He recalled that when cell phones emerged they had an extendable antenna and now it is incorporated into the device, so the magnetic field is closer and in contact with the skin. There is a suspicion that long-term changes in the cells can occur and cause the tumor in the ear.

That is what the European investigation seeks to confirm.

In past years there have already been some reports in Sweden, although experts recognized the need to extend the studies to confirm if there is a link between the use of mobile phones and tumors.

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