The water that cures everything: alkaline and chlorine-free

The water that cures everything: alkaline and chlorine-free

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As explained in the # 4 journal of Medicine, it is important that people - and especially doctors - know the basis of these statements; let's explain it in more detail:


For the multiple chemical reactions that take place in our body to be possible, it is necessary to ingest enough water every day. Not doing so not only prevents the proper functioning of the body but can cause many pathologies.

Juices are not enough because the water there is already saturated with elements, and sodas are highly harmful. Light water is required. Would you wash your car with a juice? The same thing happens when it is necessary to rid the body of toxic acid waste ... only light water, also free of toxic acid waste, is what you should ingest.

Doctor Fereydoon Batmanghelidj explains in his work "His body calls for water crying out loud." Chronic dehydration is the body's number one stressor and the unknown responsible for the death of millions of people. It is also responsible for the majority of deaths due to illness, far above any other condition.

However, the arrogant health systems of the supposedly advanced countries do not consider it important and continue to treat the sick with chemical products instead of simple water without chlorine, until in the end they manage to cause real problems to appear. (Obviously it is more profitable to sell medicines than water) Batmanghelidj explains that when a human being becomes dehydrated, allergies, asthma and chronic pain can appear in different areas of the body, from dyspeptic pain to rheumatoid arthritic pain through angina, lumbar, the legs, migraine, colitis. And it is that although these pains are perceived in localized areas, they are actually warning that there is dehydration of the entire organism.

Knowing this is important, especially among doctors. Because if such symptoms are not recognized as urgent warnings that the body needs water ... then it can lead to chronic dehydration that can cause many long-term and irreversible damage. And the bad thing is that these pains are rarely interpreted as a sign that the water level that the body needs is low.

Doctors know —because the tests indicate it— that there is excess histamine in the body ... but what they usually do is prescribe antihistamines or histamine blockers, which in addition to not acting on the cause, they cause negative side effects. When it would be enough to tell the patient to drink enough alkaline water every day and thus his histamine level will naturally lower.

Moreover, the reader should know that antihistamines block capillary dilation of the brain precisely when the brain — in a dehydrated situation — must compute more information than normal, as occurs in a stressful situation.

In addition, when antihistamines are used, the brain receives a lower supply of blood and, therefore, of nutrients. And in this state many functions of the brain cells begin to deteriorate. Among them, the transport system of neurotransmitters to nerve terminals.


The fact is that according to Batmanghelidj, chronic dehydration of brain cells together with a lack of sodium and an essential amino acid - tryptophan - are the main cause of brain pathologies: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, cerebellar ataxia, depression ...

In the brain, a good level of hydration is essential, drinking alkaline water free of acidic elements, but containing alkaline minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium, since inside the cells they are absolutely essential for both generation of hydroelectric energy with which it feeds as well as the proper functioning of neurotransmission mechanisms.


The pancreas needs a large amount of water that contains alkaline minerals. And when the body is dehydrated that is not possible so the digestive process cannot be carried out efficiently.

In other words, when the body is dehydrated, when it has a shortage of water, there is no guarantee that gastric juice will be properly neutralized. And there begins the dispépsico pain.

Obviously, since the stomach cannot permanently retain its contents, the body has only one way to empty it: the mouth. And it causes vomiting. An action that entails another problem: the irritation caused in the esophagus by the passage of acidic foods as they go from the stomach to the mouth: what we call “burning of the esophagus”.

The lack of water also causes other ailments: This is the case of colitis -or inflammation of the colon- and the constipation with which it is frequently associated. Both pathologies should be considered "clear signs of dehydration of the body".

Although it is true that the lack of fiber with food can cause both problems, the lack of water is even more important since without it there is no lubrication and the excrement cannot be expelled (or they do so with great difficulty).

A situation that is aggravated when, meal after meal, we still do not drink enough water and hardened stools accumulate in the large intestine, which we call constipation. A process that eventually ends up causing pain and inflammation in the colon -sometimes with infection- and which is what we know as colitis.

There is no doubt that both constipation and colitis are prevented simply by drinking enough alkaline water each day.

Bulimia can be caused by chronic dehydration of the body: many of the bulimic people who feel an uncontrollable and instantaneous urge to vomit after eating, do so because their body does not have enough water to alkalize the environment of the stomach before moving on to the intestine are forced to do so.

A situation that is repeated often leads them to have the aforementioned "burning esophagus" and that can even lead to cancer (usually in the lower part of it).

Most people, especially the obese, unconsciously confuse the "need to eat" with the "need to drink." If they hydrated properly by drinking enough water every day, the false sensation of hunger ”-which is nothing but thirst- would disappear.


Conventionally, arthritis is a disease produced by the pathological alteration of the cartilage -one of the tissues that make up the joints-, which causes pain and swelling in the joints that, over time, can become seriously injured causing osteoarthritis. that is, deformations of the bones. Medicine divides them into various "types" although the two most common are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The first is the most common type and usually appears with age - after 45 years - especially affecting the fingers, knees and hips. Rheumatoid Arthritis, on the other hand, is attributed to a malfunction of the immune system and affects the hands and feet more often. It is also believed to lead to gout, lupus, and viral hepatitis.

The most serious thing, in any case, is that the cause is actually officially unknown - there are only speculations and there is no medicine to cure it - and the future of those who suffer from this "disease" is to suffer it for life by constantly consuming anti-inflammatories, analgesics and other dangerous palliatives that fatten the accounts of the pharmaceutical industry and end up killing the person.

For Batmanghelidj, however, the millions of people around the world who suffer from some form of arthritis should know that the problem is also often caused by chronic dehydration.

According to him, joint pains should in fact be considered mere indicators of a lack of water on the cartilage surface of the affected joint. In other words, arthritic pain would be just another sign of dehydration and heartburn in the body.

The cartilage surface of the bones must contain a lot of water to lubricate the joints and allow the two opposing surfaces to slide freely against each other during movement. This allows a well-hydrated cartilage that the deterioration due to friction is minimal.

Therefore, when there is not enough water and the joints are not well hydrated, obviously the lubrication is not adequate ... the surfaces rub against each other and the acidity acts causing the so-called arthritic pain.

Consequently, it should be enough to increase the regular intake of light water to produce a greater amount of circulating blood in the area that fully prehydrates the cartilage and fights acidity. If this water is alkalized, the results will not wait because, apart from not containing acids, effectively cleanses the body of the toxic acid elements that are sure to cause arthritis.


Dehydration and acidic wastes on the joint surfaces can cause serious damage to the point of bare bone surfaces, leaving them bare; the damaged tissue then activates a mechanism to repair and reshape the joint.

And it does so by secreting hormones into the joint capsule to reshape and restructure the surfaces. Unfortunately, it is a repair process that sometimes causes the joints to become deformed, that is, osteoarthritis.

In short, to avoid arthritis, what you should do is take the first initial pain seriously, begin at that moment to ingest enough acid-free water daily and perform a therapy in the joints to activate circulation in the area in order to regain mobility.

If the pain did not disappear in a few days, excellent results would be obtained by combining alkaline water with hyperthermia and magneto therapeutic sections. (Information in Quantic Medical Discovery Magazine # 2.)


The above actions are also valid for the vertebral joints. With the difference that in them the water not only lubricates the contact surfaces but is also stored in the heart of the intervertebral discs in order to support the pressure of the weight of the upper part of the body.

When there is dehydration, the intervertebral discs and the joints of the spine are among the first organs affected. And that his assessment seems correct is indicated by the involvement of the 5th lumbar disc, whose function is so important to keep us upright, usually occurs in 95% of cases of spinal problems.

Obviously, when it is in poor condition, various muscle problems are produced as a consequence, including lumbago - or low back pain -, familiarly known as "kidney pain" although in reality it is not caused by these but by alterations of the different structures that form the spinal column: ligaments, muscles, vertebral discs and vertebrae.

In short, to avoid all back pain Batmanghelidj advises drinking plenty of water - and the best is alkaline water for its great hydrating power. Then do a series of exercises to create an intermittent vacuum that draws water into the disk space. Ensuring that in this way any back pain is relieved in half an hour.


Migraine is also usually due to dehydration or failure to drink 8 glasses of acid-free water. (filters do not filter acids or stop poisonous chlorine)

Migraine is an indicator of critical regulation of body temperature. In other words, it is a condition that reveals a kind of "heat stress."

Something that is avoided with the simple regular intake of soft water. And, in this specific case, cold alkaline water that lowers the temperature of the body and brain from the inside and promotes the closure of the peripheral vascular system whose dilation is the triggering cause of migraine.


It is commonly accepted that depression is associated with social stress, that is, fear, anxiety, insecurity, persistent marital and emotional problems ... For Batmanghelidj, however, depression, sadness, decay, etc. they are the result of a lack of water in brain tissue.

An assertion that is supported by explaining that the brain uses electrical energy to function and it is generated inside the body… precisely thanks to the circulation of water.

Consequently, with dehydration the level of energy generation decreases especially in the brain, so that many brain functions that depend on this type of energy become ineffective. And that "function incompetence" is what we call "depression."

Adding that this depressive state caused by dehydration is also what usually leads to the so-called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a condition that would be nothing but a label placed on a series of advanced physiological problems that are associated with stress and, therefore, with chronic dehydration.

This claim supports the fact that in all the cases he has treated, after a period of correcting dehydration and its metabolic complications, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome improved in a surprising way.


When the body is dehydrated, it starts physiological processes similar to those it activates when it is dealing with a stressful situation. This is why dehydration causes stress and stress causes further dehydration as it depletes the body's water reserves.

In other words, when the body experiences a stressful situation —or dehydration— it assumes a crisis situation and begins to mobilize a response to that situation. Among other things, activating the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Drinking water problems in life are not fixed but the person acquires enough mental strength to solve them calmly without stress.


The relationship between stress, chronic dehydration subject to age, persistent prolactin secretion, and transformation of breast gland tissue into cancer cannot be ignored.

Hence, it ensures that the daily intake of alkaline water is a preventive measure for breast cancer in women as well as prostate cancer in men.


It must be explained that the cell membrane is made up of two layers that are held together thanks to the adhesive property of the water that exists between them where the enzymes float that, by reacting together, cause the desired action within the cell.

So when there is enough water between the two layers of the cell membrane the own biochemical reactions can develop normally, but if the flow is insufficient the cellular functions are negatively affected.

And to prevent this dangerous possibility, nature is endowed with a magnificent mechanism: the creation of water filters through the membrane.

When dehydration is very pronounced and water is urgently needed so that blood circulation is greater along the nerves, the body secretes histamine in the lining cells causing inflammation and injuring the area.

Such inflammations are the external manifestations of this local process that have been labeled with the name of various diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis.

So all these "diseases" are actually prevented and treated in a very simple way: drinking enough alkaline water, since it has a higher power of hydration than any type of water that can be consumed, and also more of the minerals that the body needs such as calcium, potassium and sodium; it also lacks salts, chlorine and other acids harmful to health.

(No other type of water offers these qualities, and it is important to remember that sodas and soda waters are highly acidic. Water filters that contain bacteria control stones leave the water extremely acidic).

Packaged fruit juices — even when they advertise that they lack preservatives… they do have them or they would not be damaged — can never replace water and deprive the body of its full ability to hydrate.


The activity of the so-called renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system - a mechanism subordinate to the activation of histamine in the brain - is essential in the control of blood volume and pressure, activating to conserve water when it is lacking or when there is a lack of sodium in the blood vessels. cells.

What's more, until the body's water and sodium content reaches an adequate level, the system works by narrowing the capillary layer and the vascular system. A narrowing whose level can be measured and is known as hypertension.

The problem is that the kidneys need enough water to work under proper conditions. And it is true that due to their deficiency they can concentrate the urine but it is no less true that this capacity should not be used to the limit under penalty of damaging the kidney.

In sum, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system is more active when the kidneys are damaged and urine production is insufficient. It is because of this fact that kidney dysfunctions can be caused.

Kidney problems, therefore, can also be the consequence of chronic dehydration and sodium deficiency. The latter is concentrated in the water by an alkalizing device without the need to consume so much salt.

Ultimately, high blood pressure is also the result of a process of adaptation to the lack of water in the body. When we don't drink enough water to meet all its needs, some cells become dehydrated.

In these cases, the blood vessels have no alternative but to reduce their ability to respond to the decrease in blood volume, a reduction that causes the increase in blood pressure that we know as hypertension.

Batmanghelidj then explains that when we drink less water than is necessary daily, the closure of some vascular layers is the only alternative that the body has to keep the rest of the blood vessels full. The question is how long can this continue. And the answer is: "long enough to get sick and die."

Therefore, the essential treatment of hypertension should also simply consist of increasing the daily intake of alkaline water, because it contains more alkaline minerals and is free of chlorine, salts and acidic minerals that create more acidity.

Hence it has been considered a "scientific absurdity". the fact that cardiologists give diuretics to hypertensive patients while the body desperately struggles to retain as much water as possible.

Official medicine assumes that the cause of hypertension is sodium retention in the body when, in reality, keeping sodium in the body is nothing more than the body's last resort to retain a certain amount of water that allows it to stay alive and working correctly.

Assuming that sodium is the cause of hypertension assumes a poor understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of water in the body. When diuretics are given to overcome sodium, the body becomes even more dehydrated.

What they do is that the body concentrates more on the absorption of salt and water, although, due to the effect of diuretics and while we do not give it water, it never achieves enough to correct the problem.

That is the reason why, after a while, diuretics are not enough and the patient is forced to take increasingly aggressive complementary medications that end their life.

Water is, by itself, the best natural diuretic. If people who have hypertension and produce adequate amounts of urine increased their daily intake of alkaline water, they would not need to take diuretics.


For Batmanghelidj, the explanation of the so-called hypercholesterolemia or excess cholesterol in the body also differs greatly from the conventional one.

Having too much cholesterol in the blood is just a defense mechanism of the cell membranes against the osmotic force of the blood in order to conserve water, or it is a sign that the concentrated blood cannot release enough water to cross the cell membrane and maintain normal cellular functions.

In other words, the excessive elaboration of cholesterol and its deposit in the cell membrane is only part of the natural objective of protecting living cells from dehydration since it is like a kind of natural "clay" that acts as a cell wall preventing the passage of water.

As he explains, in living cells with nuclei, cholesterol is the agent that regulates the water permeability of the cell membrane. And in those that do not have a nucleus, the composition of the fatty acids used in the elaboration of the cell membrane gives it the power to survive dehydration.

The production of cholesterol in the cell membrane is thus a part of the cell's survival system. Therefore, it is an absolutely necessary substance and its excess the only thing that denotes is that there is dehydration.

The integrity of the cell membrane depends on the amount of water available to it. In a well hydrated membrane, water is the adhesive matter; in a dehydrated one, it is cholesterol that is responsible for gluing the "blocks" and preventing the loss of water from inside the cell.

Therefore, if we provide the body with the necessary acid-free water before eating food, we will avoid the formation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Thus, it is not the excess of cholesterol but the result of the lack of water in the body.

Of course, when an increase in water intake lowers cholesterol levels but they then rise again, it is necessary to make sure that the body does not have sodium deficiency.


Also the overweight is related with the water. Something that he justifies by explaining, firstly, that the sensations of thirst and hunger are experienced when the body's energy level is low. In such cases, the body mobilizes the energy stored in fat for which it needs to start the mechanisms of hormonal secretion.

Because this process takes longer than you can sometimes expect, the front part of the brain is responsible for obtaining immediate energy from blood sugar or "hydroelectricity." Bear in mind that the brain expends an enormous amount of energy and therefore receives approximately 20% of all blood circulation.

That is, to meet its energy needs, the brain uses two mechanisms: The sugar present in the blood, which it obtains from the metabolism of food; and the supply of water and its conversion into hydroelectric energy.

The problem is that humans do not know how to distinguish between the need for thirst and the need for food and when these signals arrive… they tend to eat. Dry mouth is but the last warning, the alarm signal when dehydration is practically already a dangerous fact.

And by overeating because we do not understand that the body asks us for water and not food, one gains weight. Don't expect the body to have to remind you… acquire the alkaline water culture and stabilize your weight.


Asthma and allergies are also indicators that the body has resorted to an increase in the production of histamine due to the lack of water. It has been proven that in asthmatics there is an increase in the histamine content in their lung tissues and that it is precisely this substance that regulates bronchial muscle contraction.

After all, the lungs are one of the organs that lose the most water due to evaporation caused by breathing. Histamine, therefore, is produced to prevent bronchial constriction. It is, therefore, a simple and natural maneuver to preserve water. Obviously, when the state of dehydration is important, an exaggerated amount of histamine is released.

That's why drinking the right amount of alkaline water daily helps to relieve and prevent both asthma and allergies. It should be added, in any case, that another important role in asthma is played by sodium (which is normally ingested with salt or sodium chloride). It happens that, when there is a shortage of water, the body begins to retain it.

On the other hand, in some people, a shortage of sodium in the body can produce the same symptoms as in the case of a lack of water.

It is therefore advisable that in severe asthmatic crises drink plenty of alkaline water with a pinch of salt - put it under the tongue without touching the palate so that it does not irritate it - since this is a natural antihistamine.

Although water keeps the air moist and prevents the ducts from drying out when air enters and leaves the lungs, mucus is secreted in the early stages of asthma to protect the tissues of the airways, but sometimes too much and the mucus remains stuck to the walls preventing the normal passage of air through them. Fortunately, sodium is a natural mucus buster and alkalized water is naturally enriched in sodium.

In sum, for Batmanghelidj asthma is not a disease but a physiological adaptation of the body to dehydration and salt restriction that will manifest itself whenever insufficient attention is paid to the consumption of water and salt.

That is why a pinch of salt on the tongue after drinking water is enough to make the brain believe that a lot of salt has entered the body and relax the bronchioles.


It is said that a person has diabetes when the pancreas does not produce insulin - or produces very little - (it is then called Type I diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes) or when the cells of the body do not respond to the insulin that is produced (Type II).

For Batmanghelidj Type I diabetes is most likely also the end result of a lack of water. The reason? As we have already seen, when there is dehydration the body produces histamine to regulate the water level ... but in parallel, a group of substances known as prostaglandins are activated, also involved in a subordinate system of rationed distribution of water to the cells of the body.

One of them being type E prostaglandin, which seems to be also involved in the production of bicarbonate solution that counteracts the acidity of foods in the digestive process but is also responsible for naturally inhibiting insulin secretion by the pancreas.

In other words, prostaglandin E has two clear functions: on the one hand, to distribute water to the pancreas; and, on the other, inhibit the action of insulin. And that inhibition would be the cause of type I diabetes. Which, therefore, would be a consequence of the main cause: chronic dehydration.

Regarding Type II diabetes --when the pancreatic cells have already lost the ability to produce insulin-, it is due to chronic dehydration and the disorder of the metabolism of amino acids in the body, most likely responsible for the destruction of the structure of the DNA in the beta cells of the pancreas responsible for producing insulin.

In short, according to Batmanghelidj, a daily, strict and regular consumption of especially hydrating water such as alkalinized acid-free water is enough, and make sure to ingest the main driver and supervisor of the body's well-being - tryptophan and its derived neurotransmitters - to be in good condition. optimal to regulate all bodily functions.


The truth is that there are hardly any ailments that have nothing to do with chronic dehydration, except for infectious diseases or trauma, although recovery in these would be benefited and accelerated by maintaining an optimal level of hydration.


Many of those who suffer from insomnia can solve their problem by drinking a large glass of water before going to bed and then putting a pinch of salt on the tongue - without touching the palate because it could cause irritation, as we have already said - since this induces sleep in only a few minutes. The explanation is that this action alters the percentage of electrical discharge in the brain and this causes sleep.

There are people who do not drink water before going to bed to avoid getting up in the middle of the night; but their blood thickens and they suffer nightmares and tensions. When they wake up they are more tired and want to continue sleeping. It is better to drink alkaline water to have placid dreams and wake up like new in the morning.


He also states that if you are one of those people who sometimes faint after a shower, you should know that it is because your body's water reserves are not enough to reach the brain when the blood vessels in the skin open to because of the heat of the water. Therefore, he recommends always drinking a glass of alkaline water before showering.


Even sexual intercourse would be affected by dehydration. Según Batmanghelidj, cuando el cuerpo está bien hidratado se dan todos los requisitos hormonales y fisiológicos para una vida sexual satisfactoria y una libido más que adecuada.

Y agrega que, en todo caso, uno o dos vasos de agua antes de la relación ayuda a obtener una erección sostenida y más firme en los hombres y mayor lubricación en las mujeres.


El Doctor George W. Crile de Cleverand, uno de los cirujanos más importantes del mundo quien declara abiertamente: ”Todas las muertes mal llamadas naturales no son más que el punto terminal de una saturación de ácidos en el organismo”.

Mencken escribió: “La lucha de la vida es en contra de la retención de ácido”. El envejecimiento, la falta de energía, el mal genio y los dolores de cabeza, enfermedades del corazón, alergias, eczemas, urticaria, asma, cálculos y arteriosclerosis no son más que la acumulación de ácidos. Esto aparte de la artritis, la osteoporosis y el cáncer entre otros flagelos; veremos la relación directa que tienen estas manifestaciones con el exceso de ácidos:

El cáncer prolifera en un ambiente ácido y las células cancerosas, en su crecimiento destructivo, provocan en el cuerpo aún más acidez.

El científico Otto Warholl, ganador de dos premios Nobel, demostró este hecho al lograr crear células cancerosas en un ambiente ácido. De hecho, las substancias ácidas rechazan el oxígeno; en cambio, las substancias alcalinas atraen el oxígeno. Un ambiente alcalino detiene a las células cancerosas en su desesperado arranque de multiplicación.

El Dr. Robert O Young dice: “El exceso de acidificación en el organismo es la causa de todas las enfermedades degenerativas”. El cloro es venenoso: destruye la vitamina E, altera la flora intestinal, irrita el estómago y puede producir cáncer.

Todo esto se puede evitar adquiriendo la cultura de beber agua alcalina, poderosamente hidratante. Todos los pacientes de cáncer, sin excepción, están deshidratados desde hace muchos años, La osteoporosis se corrige eliminando el exceso de ácido en el organismo y alimentándose en forma natural.

“El riesgo de contraer cáncer entre la gente que bebe agua clorada es un 93% mayor de aquella que filtra el agua de bebida mediante un alcalinizador”: Junta de Calidad Ambiental, U.S.A. Tomar agua clorada del grifo no es peligroso, sino mortal: agua saludable para una vida mas larga, Dr. Martín Fox, U.S.A

El cloro es un veneno tan efectivo que mata todas las bacterias y, admitimos, que es necesario clorar el agua, si no los microorganismos acabarían con nosotros; pero, una vez el agua vaya a entrar en nuestra boca ya no se requiere el cloro… sin embargo lo tomamos: he ahí el problema.

Según CSIC, en sólo España pueden estar muriendo 600 personas al año por causa del cloro.(NO BEBAS AGUA DIRECTAMENTE DEL GRIFO sin al menos reposar… ) Es importante saber que ningún filtro detiene el cloro; únicamente un aparato alcalinizador logra separarlo efectivamente junto con los otros elementos ácidos no deseados.


• Mejora la digestión de los alimentos.

• Evita las fermentaciones provocadas por una mala nutrición.

• Resuelve casos de diarrea crónica.

• Mejora los estados de hiperacidez del estómago que pueden ocasionar úlceras gastroduodenales.

• Combate la acidez orgánica provocada por las dietas excesivamente ricas en carnes y productos elaborados (no naturales).

• Favorece la alimentación de las células y la eliminación de los productos resultantes de su metabolismo.

Todo esto indica que el agua es, sin lugar a dudas, el elemento sólido más importante para la supervivencia del ser humano y de la especie en su conjunto.

Es importante saber que mueren muchas más células sanas de nuestro organismo por las sustancias tóxicas contaminantes depositadas en el agua, el aire y la tierra que por muerte natural en el transcurso de los procesos metabólicos. La gente se enferma por su propio descuido, y sabemos que la medicina actual no tiene absolutamente nada para curar las enfermedades degenerativas y auto inmunes producidas por la deshidratación.

Esperamos que Tú, amable lector, hayas tomado conciencia de la importancia de beber diariamente agua alcalina en cantidad suficiente. Siendo así, estamos seguros que tu cuerpo te lo agradecerá y te premiará con salud…

¡UNA EXCELENTE NOTICIA! TODAS LAS ENFERMEDADES SE PUEDEN CURAR, MAS NO TODOS LOS ENFERMOS… porque muchos de ellos no están dispuestos a hacer lo que es debido.

¡PERO TÚ SÍ TE PUEDES CURAR! ¡LA MEJOR NOTICIA! (conclusión) Lo más probable es que ¡tú no estés enfermo!… lo que ocurre es que tu cuerpo te está pidiendo, a gritos, suficiente agua desde hace mucho tiempo; y lo hace produciéndote unos síntomas que te van a matar. A esos síntomas los llaman enfermedades y los tratan con drogas.

¿EN DÓNDE PUEDO tener agua ALCALINA?. El agua ALCALINA se puede obtener ¡TOTALMENTE GRATIS!

Conscientes de que, para algunas personas el proceso de desintoxicación del organismo no da espera: hacemos un consejo:

Una “dosis mínima semanal” de agua alcalinizada al día no es la panacea… El agua en sí y como te la tomas, dando mucho amor al agua, comunicarle el propósito y jugar con la magia. Usar las manos para transmitirle nuestra intención. La acción de beber el agua alcalina es buena si es acompañada de un acto de disciplina creativa y que rompa con los hábitos de consumo y traumas psico-emocionales , que nos están envenenando. seamos coherentes y comencemos un cambio interior…

Con esa acción estarán iniciando el proceso más asombroso en pro de la recuperación real y definitiva de la salud; porque estarán aplicando la “medicina del ahora” la cual se basa en reconocer el origen de la enfermedad y hacer algo por ello. en vez de disimular los síntomas con drogas químicas, las cuales, en la mayoría de los casos envenenan aún más el organismo.

Es imposible obtener la recuperación de la salud si el cuerpo se encuentra deshidratado y saturado de desechos tóxicos. Por el contrario, la persona que adquiere la cultura del agua alcalina —6 veces más desintoxicante que el agua normal— notará, casi de inmediato, que su cuerpo inicia el proceso más maravilloso de recuperación ante la vista aterrada de familiares y amigos.

La explicación es simple: el organismo encontró los elementos que en realidad necesitaba para iniciar el proceso natural de auto curación.


Para obtener agua alcalina: a un vaso con agua agregar una pizca de bicarbonato y el jugo de medio limón, tomar inmediatamente. Realizar esto 3 veces al día, más otras 4 veces al día sin agregar el bicarbonato (solo medio limón). Así mantienes el cuerpo alcalino al 100%.


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