Campaign denounces World Bank strategies to grab indigenous lands

Campaign denounces World Bank strategies to grab indigenous lands

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Tell the World Bank to stop supporting land and resource grabbing around the planet, to the detriment of the rights of local peasant and indigenous populations.

Right now, millions of people are evicted from their land due to land grabs and special rights granted to large corporations.

The World Bank is leading this destructive trend with its "ease of doing business" rankings that force countries to compete against each other to remove environmental protections, workers' rights, and taxes on large companies. among other issues.



The World Bank's system for rating the so-called “ease of doing business” (Doing Business Rankings) gives countries points when they act in favor of “facilitating business activity”. This consists of paving the way for the activities of transnational companies by cutting administrative procedures, lowering taxes, removing regulations in favor of the environment and society, or by reducing trade barriers.

This rating system also encourages reforms to land ownership laws aimed at turning land into a simple commodity on the market, easily accessible to multi-million dollar companies. In that process, issues such as human rights, worker protections, and the sustained use of natural resources are set aside.


The people most affected by these policies are the small farmers who produce 80% of the food consumed in the industrializing world. These small farmers are the backbone of the food system and are by far the largest investors and employers in the agricultural sector in industrializing countries. What should be strengthened is their ability to invest and develop the production of their own land.

There is more than enough food for everyone if small farmers, pastoralists and indigenous peoples were given adequate support. However, the World Bank prefers to use its power through weapons such as “ease of doing business” ratings or “farm business comparative analyzes” to impose its one-size-fits-all measures led by large companies on any development model Business.

This jeopardizes the ability of non-industrialized countries to feed themselves and helps drive inequality around the world.

Join our campaign to tell the World Bank and the hoarders that it is our land, our business.

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