Report of 175 Paraguayan peasants affected by toxic fumigations

Report of 175 Paraguayan peasants affected by toxic fumigations

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The figure was provided by the authorities of the Curuguaty District Hospital and the new patients, including a child under three years of age and a woman who was hospitalized, presented the same respiratory problems, acute pain, vomiting and seizures registered in the deceased. Given the magnitude of the problem, the Ministry of Health sent a multidisciplinary team to the area to attend to the peasants from different communities who presented these symptoms and to try to confirm the damage done by the fumigations.

Peasants from the department held protests over the weekend and assured that they will continue from next Monday, even cutting off vehicle traffic on nearby roads.

They reacted like this after the death of the girls, one six months old and the other three years old, because the initial opinion of the doctors was that, at first glance, they had lost their lives due to respiratory problems but not due to intoxication.

The Protestant communities and the National Peasant Federation demanded a serious investigation into what happened since the effects caused by the substances used as components of agrochemicals and the violation of rules for the protection of the peasantry are repeated.

The landowners of the northern departments ignore the provisions that prohibit the use of these pesticides, almost all sold by the transnational Monsanto, near settlements and towns as well as roads and highways, given the high danger posed to people. Other cases of deaths, as well as unwanted abortions and birth defects in the region, in addition to various diseases, were reported in the past by peasant groups and specialists who reject this type of fumigation.

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