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By Eduardo Galeano

This carnage of civilians was unleashed after the kidnapping of a soldier. How long will the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier justify the kidnapping of Palestinian sovereignty? How long can the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers justify the kidnapping of the entire Lebanon?

The hunting of Jews was, for centuries, the preferred sport of Europeans. At Auschwitz an ancient river of terrors flowed, which had crossed all of Europe. How long will the Palestinians and other Arabs continue to pay for crimes they did not commit?

Hezbollah did not exist when Israel razed Lebanon in its previous invasions. Until when will we continue to believe the story of the attacked aggressor, who practices terrorism because he has the right to defend himself against terrorism?

Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon ... How long will it be possible to continue exterminating countries with impunity?

The Abu Ghraib tortures, which have aroused a certain universal unrest, have nothing new for us Latin Americans. Our soldiers learned these interrogation techniques at the School of the Americas, which has now lost its name but not its tricks. Until when will we continue to accept that torture continues to be legitimized, as did the Supreme Court of Israel, in the name of the legitimate defense of the homeland?

Israel has ignored forty-six recommendations from the General Assembly and other United Nations bodies. How long will the Israeli government continue to exercise the privilege of being deaf?

The United Nations recommends but does not decide. When they decide, the White House prevents them from deciding, because it has the right of veto. The White House has vetoed, in the Security Council, forty resolutions that condemned Israel. How long will the United Nations continue to act as if it were another name for the USA?

Since the Palestinians were evicted from their homes and stripped of their land, much blood has flowed. How long will blood continue to flow for force to justify what the law denies?

History repeats itself, day after day, year after year, and one Israeli dies for every ten Arabs who die. Until when will the life of each Israeli continue to be worth ten times more?

In proportion to the population, the fifty thousand civilians, mostly women and children, killed in Iraq is equal to eight hundred thousand Americans. How long will we continue to accept, as if it were custom, the killing of Iraqis, in a blind war that has forgotten its pretexts? Until when will it remain normal for the living and the dead to be of the first, second, third or fourth category?

Iran is developing nuclear power. Until when will we continue to believe that this is enough to prove that a country is a danger to humanity? The so-called international community is not distressed at all by the fact that Israel has two hundred and fifty atomic bombs, although it is a country that lives on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Who operates the universal danger meter? Was Iran the country that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

In the era of globalization, the right of pressure is stronger than the right of expression. To justify the illegal occupation of Palestinian land, the war is called peace. The Israelis are patriots and the Palestinians are terrorists, and the terrorists sow universal alarm.

Until when will the media remain fears of communication?

This slaughter now, which is not the first and will not be, I'm afraid, the last, is it happening in silence? Is the world silent? How long will the voices of indignation continue to ring in a wooden bell?

These bombings kill children: more than a third of the victims, not less than half. Those who dare to denounce it are accused of anti-Semitism. How long will critics of crimes of state terrorism remain anti-Semitic? Until when will we accept this extortion? Are Jews horrified by what is done in their name anti-Semites? Are Arabs anti-Semites, as Semites as Jews? Are there not Arab voices that defend the Palestinian homeland and repudiate the fundamentalist asylum?

Terrorists resemble each other: state terrorists, respectable government men, and private terrorists, who are madmen on the loose or organized madmen since the time of the cold war against communist totalitarianism. And all act in the name of God, whatever God or Allah or Jehovah is called. How long will we continue to ignore that all terrorisms despise human life and that they all feed on each other? Is it not evident that in this war between Israel and Hezbollah it is civilians, Lebanese, Palestinians, Israelis, who lay the dead? Is it not obvious that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the invasions of Gaza and Lebanon are incubators of hatred, that they manufacture serial fanatics?

We are the only animal species specialized in mutual extermination. We allocate two and a half billion dollars, every day, to military spending. Misery and war are daughters of the same father: like some cruel gods, he eats the living and the dead. How long will we continue to accept that this world in love with death is our only possible world?

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