The death of privacy we never had

The death of privacy we never had

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By Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez

Either by means of torture, by the "confessional" or by means of "market studies" ... the hegemonic "powers" have always exercised espionage and the looting of information on the lives of people and organizations, as an “intelligence” strategy to make all the tricks of exploitation and theft of natural resources or raw materials survive. What you eat and what you defecate, what you speak and what you silence, what you yearn for and what you don't even care about… everything is susceptible to espionage when you love people subjected to the whims and needs of the ruling class. Especially when what it is about is that we work, until we break down, so that they live like kings. Every piece of information that we provide to the clergy, the State, the companies ... is "manna" for the slave traders. Dates of birth, years in school, culinary preferences, amount of income and expenses… potent soup with enslaving information. Do you like how you live? What do you propose? What do you have? What do you oppose? ... Whatever it takes, there will always be packs hungry for that "innocent" information that one produces. As in the "social networks". Behind it are big business and capitalism, which became a master of real-time espionage, put one of its older servants to lead the black cause of espionage from the White House. Smile "they are filming us." Is that a novelty?

There is no use in spying if where information is looted a war device is not planted that improves espionage, sows confusion, derails behavior and improves business profitability. All together or in parts. Capitalism learned quickly that "getting information" is useless if you don't have the mechanisms to put it to work at the service of goods and to solve the problems of its over-production crises. It is not about spying for the sake of espionage itself, it is about spying to trade, by all means and ways, existing and for having, be these showmen or warlike. We have to vacate the warehouses and open markets, whatever the cost. Total, the peoples will pay. Of course, anyone who constitutes a "threat to the system" is spied on, the rioters, the revolutionaries and the "terrorists" are spied on ... the anarchists, the Marxists and the "trots" are spied on ... we have always known. They also spy on “competition”, those who prevent setting prices, those who do not let the monopoly maelstrom of capitalism advance and those who mess with the banks. The person who violates bourgeois "private property" is spied and it does not matter if it is the wife, an office colleague, a university rector, a public official, a priest or a transnational consortium. I spy on you, you spy on me, he spies on us ... but there where the bourgeois invests little money in espionage, there the bourgeois sows "false evidence", sows the signature of his interference with "reloaded" spying devices.

They can already put on a contrite, repentant or indifferent face. They may file complaints and complaints with national and international organizations. They will be able to create social movements, and NGOs of tutti fruti, with the edifying diplomatic morality of governments offended by espionage ... they will be able to say masses and they will be able to write encyclopedias; they will be able to found chairs and hire reactionary intellectuals to review the laws of Rome and those of the Capitol ... they will found political parties and sects, they will deify demons and demonize archangels ... and meanwhile, they will continue spying on each other, from top to bottom, among the "powerful" and against the weak. They will spy and spy because it is part of their being and their "business". They are not going to fool us.

Espionage is not a "moral" problem or an "ethical" problem. It is a political and tactical problem that we must study and dismantle because it is used as a weapon against the peoples and as a repressive, sophisticated, control and subjugation mechanism. We all know very well what they want to know about us ... we know very well what we do not want them to know, when the integrity of the struggle and that of our comrades is put at risk. It is not something. We do not fight (only) against espionage we fight against the whole system. A good part of their defense against espionage (and their system) is our creative capacity and our communication capacities. Shhh ... don't let it be known.

University of Philosophy

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